How We Work

Our Team of Specialists

The team of Business Cornerstones specialists provide help and support for companies of all sizes, start-up through to disposal, by providing the often missing skills or additional resources that your company may need.

Your relationship with the Business Cornerstones specialist is driven by your needs and objectives. You may want specific one-off advice, or perhaps are looking for longer term support. With the Business Cornerstone team your business needs are the priority.

Initially one of our specialists will arrange to meet you, ideally at your place of business, to determine your needs. You may qualify for a free initial exploratory consultation, please ask for details.

The Initial Meeting

This will be a ‘fact-finding’ exercise. You will be asked a range of pertinent questions, probably covering all areas of your business. Our specialist may ask to look round your premises, talk to your employees and generally ‘get a feel’ for your company and how it operates.

You may have a specific objective in mind, e.g. how to develop your company marketing strategy to implementing health and safety procedures. The initial meeting will determine your needs and match them to the skills of the Business Cornerstones specialists.

What Happens Next?

After your initial meeting with the Business Cornerstones specialist, a report and proposal will be produced. This will outline your individual needs and development plan, with recommendations and time scales involved. When you are happy with the specialist’s proposals you will be ready to move onto the next phase.

Delivering Our Service

This is when the Business Cornerstones specialist will get to work. He/she will prepare an in-depth plan to develop your business in the agreed way. This may involve the specialist working on your premises, often alongside your existing workforce, or independently, according to your company’s needs.

Your relationship with your specialist(s) may be on a ‘one-off’ basis, to manage or develop a specific project, or may be longer term, with the specialist working with you on regular basis, until such time as your objectives are achieved.

Business Cornerstones Range of Skills

Our Business Cornerstones team have a wide and diverse range of skills to help you build a stronger business. Should you have additional business needs, in a different field, then there is sure to be another specialist who can advise you.