Video Production & Photography

Johannes Hirn

Johannes Hirn makes you look and sound your best, however shy or nervous you are. Using informal and fluid interviews, smooth camerawork and polished editing, he will create a powerful marketing video with a personal touch so you get your clients’ trust before even meeting them face-to-face. You will be guided step by step from conception to marketing: Johannes will use his experience in communications to help you pin down your USP, he will rely on his journalism training to ask the right interview questions and make your personality shine through or he can write a whole script based on his radio experience.

But more importantly, Johannes will piece together a storyline that will surprise even you, and he will make it come alive with emotional music. All the equipment is light and portable to follow the action as it happens during a live event, and avoid staged reenactments and rehearsed lines that sound stale… we are not all born actors after all, and the best sound bites come from genuine interactions.

It also allows Johannes to create Hollywood-like camera motion at a fraction of the cost, since he doesn’t need half-a-dozen assistants. This equipment delivers high-quality video, higher than what you can get via cable, satellite or Freeview. Using the same equipment, he can also handle all your corporate and commercial photography needs.

His specialties include

  • Dynamic event reportage
  • Inspirational videos paced by an emotional soundtrack
  • Touching personal stories
  • Engaging customer testimonials
  • Technical tutorials and demos
  • Talking-head interviews

The pricing is clear from the outset, see for fixed-price packages, or email Johannes here for bespoke packages.

During the first free meeting, Johannes will help you pinpoint the focus of the video: aim, audience, style, key messages and final call to action. Johannes also offers several guarantees for a smooth customer experience: short turnaround time guarantee, and total satisfaction guarantee.