Graphic Design Consultancy

Gareth Looker

Gareth Looker has been offering graphic design consultancy services for over 23 years to large and small companies who want to “Shine out. Get Noticed. Profit”. Having worked with several international brands Gareth is happy to show small organisations how “the big boys” do it.

Gareth offers a professional approach where graphic design is regarded as a valuable tool in achieving your specific marketing objectives. Whether you’re persuading people to visit your website, change perceptions of your brand or simply sell a shedload of product off the page, graphic design is an effective means of persuasion – if it’s done properly. Gareth will help you create a brief so that your objectives are identified and fulfilled to achieve a return on your investment. He’s happy to work on one-off projects or ongoing campaigns; either business-to-business or business-to-consumer.


  • Branding including corporate identity and logo design
  • Design of brochures, catalogues, fliers, mailers, booklets (print and digital)
  • Exhibition graphics – pop-ups, roller banners, bespoke
  • Advertising design – newspapers, magazines, posters, online
  • Point of sale design – counter displays, window displays
  • Direct marketing – direct mail and email marketing

Gareth is based in Uckfield, East Sussex and can be reached on 01825 769697 or contacted here.