Credit Management Services

Khaled Kahn

Khaled Kahn provides credit management services, to small, medium, and large companies in the UK. In today’s harsh economy many businesses can find themselves facing problems with late payment of invoices and bad debt resulting in detrimental effects to a company’s cash flow. It is no longer enough for an agency to simply collect the money that is due. We must also balance the speed of our collection with a duty of care that protects your reputation, educates your customers to respect your credit terms, and makes your customers aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating.

Khaled brings a more focused and proactive approach to your collections, whether your requirements are a fully outsourced service, or enhancement to existing in-house function, resulting in improved cash flow and working capital, reduced lending, and a reduction in both debtor days and potential bad debt. In addition to collecting your money, you should also expect: recovery of late payment charges, prompt BACS remittance of collected funds, prompt legal recovery (if required) and charges based on the principle that no collection means no commission.



  • Consumer & commercial debt recovery/collections
  • Un/disclosed credit control
  • International debt collection/recovery
  • Credit reports / Company searches
  • Investigations / Trace

Business Cornerstones Credit Management Services can provide all of these. On receipt of your commercial accounts, we’ll add contractual or statutory interest and compensation before checking the solvency and liquidity of your debtor. Having assessed their ability to pay, we’ll swing straight into action with our telephone negotiation. Then, we’ll overcome your debtor’s objections, remove frivolous disputes, seek admission of your debt and secure payment. Finally, we’ll have the collected funds cleared and remitted to you promptly by BACS. However, if we’re unable to reach a settlement, we won’t recommend legal action until we regard pre-legal payment to be improbable.

With your DSO to protect, all of our actions are prompt and conclusive. And, since we only get paid on results, nothing matters more to us than getting your account(s) paid in the fastest possible time.

Contact Khaled Kahn on 07715 381999 or email him here.