Continuous Improvement & Organisational Culture

Dr Tim Franklin MBA FRSA

Tim Franklin has been involved with Continuous Improvement (CI) for over 20 years, providing practical support to organisations and working with staff at all levels to create significant process improvements, typically providing a 20:1 return to clients on their investment.

Sustainable Continuous Improvement (CI) requires a supportive organisational culture, which is Tim’s other specialty area. Through transferring skills and knowledge, as well as mentoring staff in the actions and behaviours needed to perpetuate CI, Tim adds value by opening minds towards CI and shifting the organisational culture.

Tim works with both the private and public sector, working with organisations of all sizes, be they service or product organisations.



  • Improvement reviews – determining the opportunities in your company from CI
  • Productivity, Quality, Lead time and customer satisfaction improvements
  • Continuous Improvement Training for staff
  • Continuous Improvement mentoring of Directors
  • Organisational culture improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Implementation; e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, Just in Time

Business Cornerstones Organisational Development & Change can assist small to medium sized business and owner managers in transforming their organisations to lever greater financial performance, wealth creation, succession planning and exit strategies for owners and directors. Tim is a very experienced, intuitive and personable individual who has the ability to relate and empathize with clients and their business circumstance and offers wise and valuable advice. Besides advice, Tim offers hands-on involvement in any subsequent implementation.

An initial meeting with Tim is without charge or obligation, so if you would like to get his opinion on how you might improve your business and its fortunes contact Tim now. Such a meeting could lead to:

  • Lower costs (labour and materials) and improved profit margins
  • Better cash flow
  • Increased business value
  • Reduced stress
  • More engaged staff and a happier place to work

Contact Tim Franklin on 01323 431295 or email him here.